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Santa’s Birthday was soon, and the laziest elf, Had forgot to go shopping, and berated himself “What should I get him?” He questioned his shrink “It’s not what you buy him, it’s how much you think!” The elf wasn’t listening, rather wondering if He had something at home that could make a good gift HeContinue Reading

Today we’ll show you how easy it is to make free 3D models, and how useful they can be when drawing or, in this case, animating a head-turn in 2D. We’ll also discuss how the principles of animation can keep your character from looking like a stiff mannequin. The fine folk at Disney– namely FrankContinue Reading

Today we’re working on a musical parody of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. We’ll be building the Overlook Hotel’s Colorado Lounge in After Effects, using a technique called 2.5D. While 2D refers to flat drawings, and 3D refers to fully fleshed out 3 Dimensional models, 2.5D, naturally, falls somewhere in between. Once you’ve built 2D surfaces,Continue Reading

Justin J. Bowen- Criminally Underrated Animator By Callison Slater Justin J. Bowen (Also known as JB Entertainingness or JackSquatJB) is an animator who uploaded his first YouTube video in 2007. In the 9 years since, he’s uploaded more than 140 videos, ranging from sharply-written parodies to hilarious originals. He even created a short-form animated talkContinue Reading

Life has been crazy (fantastic, but crazy) so I haven’t had time to upload very often. Please enjoy this peek at what I’ve been so busy with! ►Patreon: Music by Kevin MacLeod ►My site: ►Twitter: ►Facebook: ►Newgrounds: ►deviantART: This channel is for the animations of Callison Slater (The NightmareContinue Reading

►Subscribe: How to you break a story down into its most basic form? PW Pigpen is here to tell you with examples from the Wizard of Oz and my Pokemon parody ‘Poke it Slow, Bro!’ According to Channel 101’s Dan Harmon, the formula goes like this: 1. A character is in a zone ofContinue Reading

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