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I like making weird cartoons and videos. When I was 6 I tried to make an animation machine out of a tissue box and a bunch of printer paper I taped together. It didn’t work, but in Middle-School I found that skipping class to dick around with Flash MX worked better.

Since then I’ve won a couple film festival awards, including the Rosebud Award and ‘Best Animated Film’ at the Sixteen:Nine International Film Festival. I also overcame my fear of pool filters.

My favorite animations include The Nightmare Before Christmas, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut.

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Channel_Frederator_Network_LogoDo you display your animation or art online? Join the Channel Frederator Network for great resources and private forums! Seriously, I joined August 2015 and their help has already been extremely valuable.

I have worked with:

Hooda Math


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Maida Withers Dance Construction Company

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